Sunny 16 rules!

I ran across a vintage British car show the other week.  Luckily I had my Rollei so I shot a roll.  Unluckily I forgot my Luna Pro light meter.  I even forgot my iphone which has a light meter app.  So I brushed the cobwebs aside in my brain and remembered the “Sunny 16 rule”.  Sunny 16 rule is: if it’s a bright sunny day set the camera at f/16 using the same shutter speed as your film’s ISO.  I had Ilford Pan F Plus 50 in my camera so I had set it up at f/16 at 50.  The Roleiflex has a nifty feature where you can lock the exposure setting and then if you adjust your fstop or shutter it will adjust the other along with it.  It was a bright day so I opened up my aperture to get a higher shutter speed.  I used this method and the roll of film turned out great.  It was actually the most consistently exposed roll I have done so far.  I was so glad I hadn’t forgotten everything I used to know.  LOL  If you want to learn more about Sunny 16 here is a link with more info:



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